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Roulette is a classic game of gambling, because it has the main word just a coincidence. It does not matter how good you are in mathematics. You will win over roulette only if Mrs. Happiness is on your side. We probably do not have to imagine the roulette. It's the "Queen of Gambling," which the little kids of their games already know. You can play it in several versions that you find all over the world and in every online casino. It is true that there are dozens of betting systems, but you have to realize that in the long run, no one is working. Yes, you can win a day or two, but eventually you end up at the same zero. But if you play smart, you can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience full of fun and cheering for minimal losses. Roulette is considered one of the oldest games ever. It is also a relatively strategic game, so there are a number of tactics and a system that will guarantee players a win.

The truth is that they do not work and therefore have the best chance of winning, to know in detail all the rules and most likely also the probabilities for all the bets that are in the roulette. Some of them may not even know. One of the key factors that make roulette so fun is just the amount of bets with different payouts and risk. As the more experienced players know, basically roulette bets can be divided into two main groups - Indoor and Outside bets . Simply put, the internal bets are for individual numbers or for groups of small numbers, and the outer bets are on large numbers of bets, such as a color bet, or even and odd.

These bets are marked on the playing table and are thus relatively well known. The most common ones are the so-called Even bets (color, high-low, even and odd), on which the vast majority of roulette betting systems are also built. These position bets are also often combined with a strategy where players try to guess what part of the roulette cylinder the ball fits. The goal of this strategy is to place the bet as late as possible, until the ball is already in the game when it is easier to make an estimate. In order for the casino to attract new players and retain the old ones, new variations are created for old traditional games. In today's article we will introduce a two-ball roulette instead of one and we will show you and analyze individual bets for this type of roulette.

In the first place, there are a few questions to ask you. How is it possible, for example, that the balls at land-base roulettes do not strike? The ball in the game does not throw a croupier but is fired by compressed air on the opposite sides of the roulette cylinder. From time to time, the balls, of course, come across and can not be avoided, but because they are released at the same speed, most of the time they travel along the roulette in parallel. Much more serious, however, is the question of whether there is a probability that both balls will fall to the same really roulette. According to the manufacturers and designers who have been testing this roulette it is. According to their statements, they did several thousand practice games and the probability is the same as for one-ball roulette.

Rules of the game the layout of the playing field is virtually the same as the Roulette. The same are bets that can be played. The difference is, therefore, mainly in terms of payout, and some adjustments have also been made by external bets. Since there are two balls in the game, chances are that at least one ball, for example, the correct color, or even or odd, are markedly on the player's side. Casinos hence the rule that to be outside bet win, must win and two balls. Rules for internal bets remained the same as for regular roulette. So it is enough to win at least one ball and the player wins. If they score both balls, the player is paid twice as much as they would normally win.

Interestingly, it is not the dealer who decides to release the ball, but always one of the players assigned to the remote control of the outlets. All gambling is just about probability. This will be confirmed by every experienced player. It is therefore necessary to know and work with these numbers. In today's article we have prepared a great comparison of the odds for roulette. Roulette is like a Wheel of Fortune. And why do you know? For explanation, only 3 words - Big Numbers Theory Everyone who runs a casino or manufactures online casino games knows this theory very well. It is directly linked to his earnings. And thanks to her, the casino will always win over the long term over the betting. Everything is related to probability and set house edge.

Do you think there must be some mathematical approach to defeating roulette? Would you like to find such a system? Read the following article to find out that roulette can be great fun, can win, but there is no way to win. Roulette is one of the simplest and funest online and casino games. The Roulette was originally reported in during the 18th century, and its name could be explained as the dimple of a small wheel. The object of the game is to guess in which number, color or column the ball lands in the next round. Is there a winning algorithm in the roulette? Many gamblers, scientists and mathematicians have been trying to find ways to win over roulette using algorithms and other methods for three centuries.

The determination to find this winning system has been steadily increasing over the years, driven by the popularity of the game, especially thanks to the ability to play online. Along with rising popularity, mathematicians and other researchers are increasingly hoping to find technological advances in finding the desired algorithm. Some of these algorithms are published solely for feedback from others (no, they do not really do it on their own charity). Recently, one of the members of the Cross Validated website, dedicated to statistics, data analysis, acquisition and visualization, asked others what they thought about their proposed winning algorithm. The "python code", published in, may appear intricate at first glance. But try to look carefully and discover a serious error with which this system was designed.