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The power of variations on the optimal strategy the value of any variation will be determined by how often we meet it on average. If you play 100,000 hands a year in Blackjack , which is about 20 hours a week, you can expect to get a hand 16 against 10 around 3500 times . Consecutively, this is the number 1 situation for which no insurance bets are placed. Any variation in this case is of great value, just because you meet it quite often. On the other hand, hand 9.9 against 2 you get from 100,000 games on average 43x . Here, variations will be of low value, as you will not encounter this situation. In such a case, it is preferable to play according to the optimal strategy. How variation affects the game of the insurance bet one of the most important deviations from an optimal strategy is playing a betslip.

Since the dealer gets an ace on face card on average in 7.5% of cases , it is more than a good idea to know when it's worth betting a fuse. We will not strain you. If you play in the usual 6 packs, place a betslip for the right number of 3 or more. And that's always the cards you have on your hands. There is no correlation between your cards and the dealer's ace. The most popular High / Low counting system has an insurance bounty efficiency of 80% , which means that 8 out of 10 insurance bets with a right number of 3 or more will get you out.

As we have outlined in the paragraphs above, the variations will mostly apply to situations where you hand 12 to 16 . With this combination you will encounter the most statistically. However, the variation does not apply only to the starting hands, but to the hands when you have more than two cards. For example, you will stand at A, 2, 10, 3 against 10 if the number is 0 or higher. In the next lesson, we'll show you how to learn these rules. We bring you another article from our long-term series for both beginners and advanced players on card counting and professional blackjack. In today's lesson we will focus on how to properly evaluate the house edge of individual tables.

While almost all blackjack variations are defeatable, individual winnings do not always compensate for the amount of time and risk involved . Therefore, it is always advisable to evaluate and analyze each blackjack table properly. There are several ways to do this. The most basic areas of interest should always be the rules of the individual tables and the placement of the " cut card " or package penetration. How rules change the casino's advantage just the rules are a key element in calculating the benefit of the casino. Every change has a significant impact on the long-term profitability of the tables. Basically, you can distinguish between changes to rules that favor the players and those that favor the casino.

Table data is calculated for a six-pack table. Double is possible for any first two cards, after the split can not be doubled, the resplit is allowed for any pair except es, the secondary insurance bet is allowed and the dealer always stands on the A-6. On this basis, the house edge is 0.54%. To determine the correct home edge always start from the beginning of the shoe and simply add or subtract variations from the basic game. For example, if you play at a table where there are only two packages , but otherwise all other rules are the same, the modified casino advantage is calculated as what effect will the package get just for the sake of completeness and speed, what is the penetration of the package ? No casino lets you get all the packages in the shoe, but when you start a new game, you insert a " cut " card into them .

Once the dealer has reached this card, all the cards played are returned, the bundles are remixed and saved back to the shoe. Penetration therefore determines how many% of cards will be played before the cards are remixed. Unlike changing the rules that affect the casino / player's advantage, the packet penetration will have a decisive impact on card counting . In the following table, you can see how many times the number of tables with different penetrations is statistically displayed.

Blackjack tournaments gain popularity and attract new players to blackjack. Blackjack Tournament is a fun way to play this game with minimal investment while having the opportunity to win a lot of money. The popularity of blackjack tournaments can be attributed to other card tournaments, especially poker. Basics of the tournament in big casinos, tournaments are organized for blackjack players, and some pay decent amounts. Games are in the standard format. Players play a set number of hands and try to get the biggest bankroll in them. After countdown, the chips are counted. The player with the largest number of chips at the table progresses to the next round of the game or is declared the overall winner. Participation in the tournament requires a buy-in fee. Each player gets the same number of tournament chips at the table. Buy-ins vary according to the prestige of the tournament.

The small tournament, which is held weekly, can have a buy-in of $ 25 and a big blackjack tournament in Las Vegas where professionals play, buy-in $ 25,000 or more. As for the game, the regular rules apply in the tournament. Players have the same options as in a regular game. They can hit, stand, double, split, use surrender or insurance. Tournament step by step let's describe how the tournament is running. The first thing you need to enter the tournament is to pay the buy-in. This usually takes place in a special window with a cash desk, which is mostly intended for paying tournament entries. Upon payment, you will receive a card showing your table number and place. So you can find your table. Chips will be stacked in front of you. These chips are tournament and have no financial value. If you try to replace them for cash, you will be gentlemen in safety, so do not try it.