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Video poker with positive expectations royal flush and affect payback and how much does this situation affect average returns? Let's look at it together. Jacks or Better the version of Jacks or Better , we can expect a royal flush every 40,390 played games. Of course in the long run. The Royal Flush adds up to an average return of 1.98%. This means that the average return on the game without royal flushe drops from 99.54% by 1.98% to 97.56% . Instead of losing $ 46, we lose $ 2.44. And this is really a very big drop in payback, which has a rapid impact on your game bankroll. We are able to play 600 games per hour. Our average hourly loss is thus at a full payback of $ 18.30 when playing a quarter-machine.

If we play dollar video poker, we lose an average of $ 73.20. Bonus Poker at Bonus Poker, the royal flush comes on average once in 40,223 games and contributes at an average return of 1.99% . Instead of losing 84 cents out of every 100 cents, we lose $ 2.83. For the 600 games played, our hourly loss is $ 21.23 per quarter and $ 84.90 per dollar. Full Pay Deuces Wild full pay Deuces Wild offers a royal flush on average once for 45,282 and contributes to an average return of 1.77% . Instead of getting 76 cents out of every $ 100, we lose $ 1.01. With 600 games played, we lose an average of $ 7.58 per quarter for an hour per hour. If we play the dollar, the average loss will be $ 30.30. Not So Ugly Deuces not So Ugly Deuces (NSUD) produces royal flush on average once every 43,456 games.

The average return rate is 1.84% . Instead of an average loss of 27 cents out of every $ 100, we will lose $ 2.11. The hourly loss at 600 games is $ 15.83 on a quarterback and $ 63.30 on the dollar. Full Pay Double Bonus full Pay Double Bonus (10/7) offers a royal flush on average once in 48,048 games played and contributes 1.67% to the average return . At full return, our profit is 17 cents for every $ 100. Without the Royal Flush, the situation turns and we will lose $ 1.50. With 600 games played, our hourly loss is $ 11.25 and $ 45 per dollar video poker. 9/7 Double Bonus finally there is a 9/7 Double Bonus version that gives us a royal flush once in 48,035 games.

The overall average return rate is 1.67% . At full return, our average loss is 89 cents, on the other hand it will grow to $ 2.56 for every $ 100 routed. The hourly loss of 600 games played is $ 19.20 on a quarter machine and $ 76.80 on the dollar. Finally as you can see, royal flush is the main contributor. In fact, he is the main contributor of almost every game. If you do not get a royal flush, you will only feed the casino. Most players are just afraid that when they're playing, they'll just put one banknote into the slot machine after the other. But we showed you today how much it will cost you. With the game, watch out for the ideal strategy and play according to your bankroll.

The best thing the casino can achieve is definitely video poker with positive expectations. With these games, experienced players can achieve 100% return on average. However, at this time it is very difficult to achieve such favorable conditions in the casino, because the machines with positive expectations are like saffron. So if you can find this machine, it's almost Christmas for you. But in spite of this, these machines are going to go. And you can find them in two variants. As progressive and as a classic video poker without a progressive jackpot. And between these different variants there are differences that we are going to discuss today. Progressive games as most of you know, progressive video poker is a game that includes a jackpot that grows with every bet on this machine.

But progressive video poker does not differ from the classic until the royal flush falls. For the classic version, the Royal Flush is paid 4,000 credits , while the progressive slot increases to 10,000 credits and increases every further bet. The biggest drawback of progressive video poker is the fact that, in most cases, these games have a lower average return, thanks to the higher payout of Royal Flush. So instead of playing 9/6 Jacks or Better , you'll play 8/5 JoB or even lower. And in this case, returns from 99.54% to 97.29% if the progressive jackpot is at baseline. However, there is a chance that you will get an 8/5 over 100% return , if the jackpot gets to 8700 credits and higher.

But we have to remember that it will take a moment and sometimes it does not have to come in because the jackpot falls earlier. In addition, you also have to deal with a larger deviation from the classic version. It's clear, because before you raise the jackpot to 8700 at 8/5, you'll play far more games. Classic games without a progressive jackpot but games with positive expectations are more likely to be found in this type of classic video poker. The most popular game is the full-pay version of Deuces Wild (100.76% return), Double Bonus (100.17%) and Double Double Bonus (100.1%). You could find these games in casinos earlier, but today it's much harder. And why has the casino suddenly stopped offering it? She found out that there are far more smart players than they used to be before, and some of the casinos could hurt quite a lot, some might be completely destroyed.

At this time, the full pay version is quite difficult to find, but some online casinos are still there today. As we said, finding these versions is not impossible to find. But you can find them in some stone casinos, but not in the biggest and most famous casino resorts. You have to visit less known businesses. So if you decide to go to the States for a few weeks and visit several casinos, try searching the forums. Here you will find great tips and advice. Otherwise, you have to search among your favorite internet games and go through the variants offered and their return. And if you find any interesting game, share it with us. Always be ready as you know today, there are some differences between these positive expectations. And if you ask which of these versions to play, we will answer you a little. Play what you find. Because games with positive expectations are looking very hard. But if you do manage to find one, do not hesitate to take advantage of this great advantage.