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Win at roulette the first thing you have to do is - remember the cruel facts of life. No casino is there for the players, so they will always win. Let's face it, casinos do business like any other business. They have running costs and of course want to make profits. So, before you even think about setting foot in a casino, I strongly recommend that you only set the amount you can afford to lose. Nowadays, land based casinos are so "nice" that they even have ATMs that allow you to withdraw a little more cash. Whether you're in a real casino, or playing online, you need to be in control of yourself and face the fact that you will not win a large amount of money. Your winning strategy should be based on the fact that you are unlikely to break the bank and perhaps leave the casino with little profit; if any. You certainly can not pay off the mortgage of your house.

Always keep in mind that the outcome or outcome of roulette is RANDOM. It has nothing to do with magic or a specific mechanism. Despite these facts, you should enjoy the game and maybe leave the casino with a small amount - from which you can buy flowers for your girlfriend or wife, right? Now let's take a look at a few roulette tips & tricks always try to think and be one step ahead. Be 100% realistic about the odds of winning. Roulette is a game of chance. DO NOT rely on probabilities. Every new spin on a roulette wheel is a new opportunity. The roulette wheel, unlike humans, has no memory. It is a machine that is operated by a random generator and for that reason the wheel can NOT remember the previous results or sequences. Unlike a human poker player sitting across from you, you can NOT look the bike in the eye.

Decide in advance whether you want safe or risky games. For those of you who still do not know the odds at roulette - the payout on Classic Bet is 35-1 if you can predict the next number. In a split bet, or split-bet called, you bet on two numbers, so that the rate is now 17-1; if you can predict the right numbers. For the more cautious players, you can recommend the so-called outside bets, where you bet either on red or black or on both. The payout here: 1-1; The risk is very low for that. You must always be able to leave the roulette table. Especially when it gets really hot and you should definitely stop. If you've just lost the last 10 minutes, leave the table and grab some fresh air.

Another tip is that you bet on a few numbers before turning the roulette wheel. Choose the roulette table well in advance. Also, make sure you feel comfortable with this roulette table. Before you decide to sit down there; just follow the action from a distance. No matter how you decide; Always remember that you came to the casino for entertainment and enjoy playing. Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games. This article provides a few guidelines for players looking for a matching roulette game from various software vendors. Roulette has the least house edge of all other roulette variations. This variant releases half of the bets on even bets if the outcome of the roulette wheel produced a zero. Players hoping for an advantage should find a software provider that offers this option. Microgaming, Playtech and Boss Media offer French roulette in their online casinos. Some of the larger online gambling software providers that do not offer this roulette variant are Cryptologic, Realtime Gaming, Rival Gaming and Vegas Technology.

Not for all players, the house edge is the main criterion for choosing a roulette game. Innovative variants inspire her just as much as the chance for big bonuses and progressive payouts. For this reason, some online gambling software providers have introduced roulette games with a special charm. For example, Microgaming offers an innovative Roulette variant called Roulette Royale. If a number you bet on is called five times in a row, the player cracks the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot on this game paid just under $ 1 million to a lucky player two years ago and is probably an indication why Roulette Royale is so popular. The regular online roulette player looks for features that make placing bets comfortable, especially as players tend to repeat their bets.

Although Cryptologic does not offer roulette or innovative variants, its roulette variants have an auto-game function. This auto-play feature allows players to set the same amount on each spin. Or you can select different amounts of use in a certain cycle and set this with the help of the repetitive use function. As with the auto-game feature, the player can set the number of spins. Another aspect of the auto-game feature is that you can store a complex mission system or pattern. This allows backing up of placed call bets and chips on the layout of the roulette table. Once the system or pattern has been saved, the auto-play function does the rest.

The roulette variants of Microgaming and Expert Roulette of WagerWorks also allow the player to set his betting systems or patterns and run them using the auto-play feature. However, the auto-play feature in these variants only allows for the same set bets, and not, as in the Cryptologic version, different betting or use cycles. For this reason, roulette players should opt for a variant of Microgaming or Cryptologic that they can handle best. The auto-play function can be switched off after a win, collected winnings, or even after all the losses. The different combination possibilities of this roulette variant of Cryptologic make this a powerful tool. Most roulette games at online casinos generally offer its players statistical information. In the case of the casinos that used Microgaming's award-winning software, there are a lot more.

Most players ignore this information, which is probably not a bad idea. The saying that half knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all, also applies when playing and using the online casino. This article looks at the statistics of Microgaming, which are very helpful for use in roulette, and how they can be used there. As a basis for this we have selected the roulette from Microgaming. One of the most obvious statistical information appears in a box at the top or right corner. As soon as numbers are called, they appear in the box.