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Blackjack Switch Strategy

Online casinos have added different types of blackjack, that have slightly different rules and the house edge also varies. Blackjack switch is one of the versions that when played properly and following the correct strategy, can further decrease the house edge to as little as 0.1%. The differences to the original game are minimal, which explains why the transition is so smooth for those who have played regular blackjack for long periods of time. Another benefit is the fact that in blackjack switch variance is lower so profits are made at the steady pace instead of spikes, and downswings are less often and severe.

Blackjack switch rules

In this type of blackjack, players are dealt two hands which can be played simultaneously for equal bets, and only the top card of the dealer is revealed. It is not possible to switch the first card that you were dealt with the second one from the other hand, only the second cards can be replaced. On the other hand, players can double down on any cards and even after splitting a pair, but re-splits are not allowed. Depending on whether you play in US live casinos or online ones where the European no-hole-card rule is in use, you can or cannot switch the cards before the dealer plays his, to avoid losing to a blackjack.

This is why the better odds of winning are offered by the European version, but fortunately there are plenty of online casinos using this rule. As far as the dealer is concerned, he is compelled to stay at 17 but he doesn’t go bust with 22, and pushes all hands except for a blackjack. If both the dealer and the player make blackjack, the bet is returned with the rest of the rules being almost identical to regular blackjack.

Basic guidelines for Blackjack switch

While it may take a lot of time for a player to know exactly which cards to switch and went to make these moves, there are a few standard rules that can be learned immediately. They are essentially aimed at reducing the house edge and prevent the switch strategy from backfiring, so it is recommended for beginners to get a solid grip on them. Players should stand on any hard totals above 17 and hit hard any hands between 12 to 16 versus the dealer’s seven to ace.

Standing on soft 19 and 20 is mandatory while on 18 players should hit against the dealer’s nine, ten or ace. As for doubling down, 10 and 11 are suitable totals against the dealer’s 2 to 8 while soft doubling rules states that players should double down on A6 and A7 versus a dealer’s 5 and 6. Aces and eights should be split, while 4s, 5s and 10s should never be split regardless of what the dealer is holding.